What is Easy Clean?
Easy Clean is the world's first automated beer line cleaner with online viewing of data. It allows the user to save all of the beer in the lines prior to cleaning and can clean lines to a digital brewery specification, giving high quality repeatable results every time.

Questions relating to the Sell Product function
How can I save all of the beer in the lines?
It is possible to save 100% of the beer in the lines. Using our own unique patented technique, it will give full flexibility to maximise the savings, using the 'Sell Product' function. The Sell product function allows you to sell off the product using a method of water displacement.

How long can I run the dispense function for, so that I can sell off the beer in the lines?
The dispense function will run for an infinite time, although you should aim to sell off your beer with the Sell Product function in an 8 hour window. Once all of the beer is sold off, then the valves shut off preventing any water flow through the lines and the Sell Product program will automatically finish.

What will happen if I decide not to sell my beer and just clean my lines?
The system will log that you have wasted the beer in the lines and allow you to clean the lines in the normal way.

Should I be able to have money in my pocket at the end of the week?
If you are saving a percentage of the beer that you would normally waste using the dispense function, you can see up to 10x return on investment over the life of the machine. All of your savings made can also be monitored on this website.

What happens when I have sold all of the beer off in the line, using the 'Sell Product' function and the customer wants that product?
Using our unique patented mini-ring technique, it allows you to keep the product live on another line. This ensures that you can sell off all of the beer and never go offline.

Questions relating to the Flush function
Can I do a regular water flush function between cask changes?
Yes, Easy Clean has been designed with a flush function to allow a quick water flush between cask or keg changes. Data of which is logged and stored online so that you can control the quality of the product being served.

Questions relating to the Clean function
Our cellarman says that automated systems can’t clean the lines as good as he can.
Easy Clean can mimic the exact same operations that he is carrying out, including a chemical pulse and agitation in the lines, during chemical soak. It will also flow the exact and required amount of fluids through the lines being cleaned. Easy Clean is more of a digital measured approach to cleaning lines as opposed to human guesswork. ATP results have proved that Easy Clean gives up to 10x lower contaminant remaining in the lines after cleaning, than that of a cellarmans manual line clean. The cellarman is correct with other conventional cleaning systems on the market.

Does someone need to be dedicated to use the system?
No. The system has been designed in such a way, that it really is child's play. Any member of staff can be trained to operate the system with the remote control in less than 30 minutes.

How long does the system take to clean the lines?
The system varies on the number and length of the lines you are cleaning. A quick analysis is shown on the Easy Clean link.

How can I tell if the lines have been cleaned properly?
All you need to do, is check the cleaning statistics for the line clean, on either the logging computer or when you login through this website. It will tell you when and which lines have been cleaned, the quantity of water, chemicals and length of time these have been present in the lines during the cleaning process.

Is there a certain chemical that must be used with Easy Clean?
Easy Clean has been designed with special components that are resilient to any type of cleaning fluid. However, we recommend that you avoid using any clear chemical solutions and use a purple/coloured line cleaning solution. This so that Easy Clean can determine when the cleaner has ran out.

How often should I clean my lines for optimal quality?
As a rule of thumb, Stouts and Ales should be cleaned every 7 days, Lagers and Pilsners every 10 days and Ciders every 14days.

What cleaning program should I use?
As a rule of thumb, Stouts and Ales should be cleaned with 3-4 cycles, Lagers and Pilsners with 2-3 cycles and Ciders 1-2 cycles. If Lines have not been cleaned for a long time, we recommend that you use the manual mimic mode with 3 cycles, which will completely reset the quality of the lines.

Questions relating to commercial Issues
How is the Easy Clean system the cheapest on the market?
1) Easy Clean operates on the mains water pressure. This is free power, to flow the fluids through the system, meaning no water tank, large enclosure or high power pump is required.
2) All of the brains of Easy Clean system are within the software as opposed to unnecessary hardware.

How much will it cost me for an Easy Clean system?
This is dependant on a few things:
1) The number of lines you have for required installation parts
2) If you want the data logging facility,
3) If you need the system to be cask ale cleaning ready,
4) If you need the override switch system for metered systems.
5) The installation time required
6) If you wish to have a service agreement or payment options.

What financial packages are available?
Easy Clean can be bought, leased or purchased through a 1-5 year hire purchase finance agreement, through Easy Clean distribution. Go to the contact us tab for further information. We guarantee that your savings will exceed your weekly payments.

Do I need to pay for the installation?
You can install Easy Clean yourself, however we do offer a cost effective installation service with approved trained engineers to do this for you at minimal cost. We take no responsibility for any damage to equipment or workability if it has not been installed by one of our technicians.

I work in the management team of a large pub chain. Can I see the activity of the pubs in the chain?
Yes, you will be issued with a special login. You will have full visibility of the entire chain from one page, immediately seeing those pubs that have failed to clean lines. You can also access any of the pubs activities in detail and you can get the saved/wasted costing analysis for the full chain.

For all other questions, please click the Delivery info/Contact tab at the top right of this webpage.
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