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VII Hills Italian London Dry Gin

Founded in 2014 'VII HILLS' began its journey in Ancient Rome, infusing the original botanical essences that grew on each hill with small batches in a copper pot distillery process.

The spirit base is made from sugar beet in small 200litre batches, in single step reflux distillation on copper potstills. Heads and tails are discarded with such accuracuy that there is no need for filtration of any kind.

Next VII Hills Gin production commences with a proprietary abv spirit base in 200litre copper pot alembic stills.

Each botanical is added at a specific time to optimise flavour extraction without isomerisation and minimise tannin leach.

Generating a super smooth, wonderfully balanced, perfumed smooth gin.

Distillate comes of the final still at typically 78.5% abv. Putting it at three extreme best end of the London Dry Gin Production.

Bottling strength of a 43% is reached using highly purified polished RO water.

Country of Origin: Italy
Bottle Quantity
£27.49 | 43% | 70cl (x1)
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