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Tristan Blanco

The name Tristan (Welsh origin) symbolizes chivalry, tradition, respect and success. Tequila as a beverage has always been defined in Mexico as the preferred drink of the Gods and Emperors. Tequila Tristan unites strength and elegancy for the most refined palates.

Tequila Tristan is one of the few Mexican producers who distills high quality Tequila.

Tequila Tristan is elaborated with Agave Blue Weber from Ojo de Agua de Latillas, municipality of Tepatitlain, Jalisco. The word Tepatitlain comes from naihuatl and means "Place of the rough rock" as it is grounded on flint stones. The location of Tepatitlain is in the state Jalisco with coordinates 20º 54 north latitude and 102º 33' 10" and 102º 56 1,800 meters above sea level.

Tepatitla¡n is located in Los Altos de Jalisco the main territory of the protected denomination of origin. The semi dry climate of Los Altos is one of the best in order to obtain a gentle, silky and aromatic tequila with a strong and rounded body.

Tequila Tristan is a premium tequila which is made of 100% pure Agave Blue Weber.

Tequila Tristan is sold in hand-blown glass bottles.


- Crystal with silver sparkles
- Transparent
- Clear and bright
- Great silkiness


- Aromas of cooked agave
- Presence of light herbal and citrus notes
- Delicate floral notes that close up to a full bodied Tequila
- Mild and gentle


- Notes of sweet boiled agave
- Soft herbal and citrus notes
- Great flavour with long after taste
- In the retro nasal evaluation, flavour of cooked agave in full balance with herbal and citrus notes with a gentle presence of alcohol

40 % ABV 70cl

Country of Origin: Mexico
Bottle Quantity
£37.99 | 40% | 70cl (x1)
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