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Bears Dark Prince

We at LTi are proud to announce that we are able to supply this Ultra Prmium Craft Lager from the Bear Brewery in both the Czech Republic and Slovakia. This is currently only sold in the high end stores in London.

Bears Dark Prince is a bottom fermented beer with the distinctive flavour of roasted barley, an intense bitterness, a fruity smooth body and creamy foam.

Water, barley malt, oats and blended English hops.

This dark rich beer is prepared by bottom fermentation using four types of barley malt, roasted barley and oats.

The hops come from the English county of Kent. The yeast and the original technological process are also of British origin.

It goes best with seafood, oysters, sardines, ham, smoked meats and barbecued foods. It is also delicious with chocolate nut desserts and ice cream. Additionally, it can be used for marinating meat and preparing chocolate mousse and creams.

The serving temperature should be 8 - 12 deg C, when all the flavours and aromas typical of this beer are most developed.

Country of Origin: Slovakia
Bottle Quantity
£2.19 | 4.5% | 500ml (x1)
Case Quantity £38.99 | 4.5% | 500ml (x20)
Kegs of this product are available!!

Please contact us on 0800 980 8891 to arrange shipping to your venue.

Bears Dark Prince Keg: £69.99 | 4.5% | 30 Litre
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